Since the Caplan Eye Clinic was founded in 1938 by the late Dr. Harry B. Caplan, we have established a tradition of providing high quality eye care in a caring atmosphere. We are a "total" eye center offering adult and pediatric eye care. Our staff of Ophthalmologists and Optometrists diagnose and treat a variety of eye conditions and disorders, including Cataracts, Glaucoma, Diabetic Retinopathy, and diseases of the Cornea, Retina and Eyelids.  We also fit contact lenses and perform medical eye examinations. Our specialties include: Custom Laser Vision Correction, and Cataract Surgery with Lifestyle Lens Implants.

“Big Chief” Alfred Doucette

New Orleans cataract surgery

Mardi Gras Just Got A Whole Lot Easier Thanks to Dr. Dan Caplan.

“Prior to having cataract surgery, I could no longer see the detail required to sew my Mardi Gras Indian suits. After Dr. Caplan did my cataract procedure, I can now see close up detail and more brilliant color which allowed me to get back to creating my costumes."

“Big Chief” Alfred Doucette

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Barry Breaux: Owner of Breaux Mart

breauxmart “Dr. Brendon Sumich did my cataract surgery and I see wonderful now! I would recommend Caplan Eye Clinic and Dr. Sumich to everyone.”

Larry Katz: Owner of Dots Diner & Community Leader

New Orleans LASIK patient. “With my busy schedule & lifestyle, LASIK gave me freedom from glasses. My vision is great and I love not wearing glasses” .

Metairie LASIK technologies Dots Diners, “I’m not your Mama but you’re always at home at Dots Diner.”

Seeing Clearly with Custom Wavefront LASIK!

New Orleans LASIK

Dr. Jarret Brashear and wife Meghan

Meghan Brashear: “I knew that I was getting married soon and I wanted to have LASIK so I could walk down the aisle without worrying about glasses or contact lenses. As a surgical resident, Jarret wanted to be able to do surgery without the hassle of contact lenses or glasses. He also loves the outdoors; so he can now also enjoy fishing and hunting without the bother of dealing with contact lenses."

The Late George Rodrigue (1944-2013), Blue Dog Artist

George Rodrigue, renowned "Blue Dog" artist, visited us at Caplan Eye Clinic... and even sketched a Blue Dog for us! Thank you, George. Another example of the amazing talent in this great city.

Former New Orleans Saint Tom Dempsey

New Orleans cataract surgeryWorld Record Field Goal 63 Yards, November 8, 1970

“When it came time for me to look for cataract care, I called Caplan Eye Clinic. With their 70 plus years of outstanding results, I knew the Caplan Experience would be a winner for me. Now I have 20/20 vision!”

The Tradition Continues

Eye care for the Northshore - Retina disordered, glaucoma, cataract,  LASIK

Dr. Dan Caplan with long-time patient, Mr Warren Meyer. Mr Meyer began seeing the late Dr Harry Caplan in 1939 and has been a patient of Caplan Eye Clinic for over 70 years!

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In Memory of Sheriff Harry Lee

harry In Memory of Sheriff Harry Lee 1932-2007

With the passing of Sheriff Harry Lee, we have lost a cherished friend and devoted patient. For nearly three decades, Harry Lee served with honor and distinction as the Sheriff of Jefferson Parish. It was our privilege to have provided eye care for Sheriff Lee for many years. It was a great honor to have Harry as a friend. — Dr. Dan Caplan

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