The Caplan Eye Clinic supports “The 15 White Coats”

15 coats“The 15 White Coats” is a group of 15 Tulane University medical students who created a series of photos of themselves in front of a slave cabin at the Whitney Plantation near New Orleans. These photos went viral and became an international phenomenon. “The 15 White Coats” organization was established by these medical students to affect positive change in the U.S.

They have since been guests on numerous national TV shows.

One of their goals is to place these photos in schools across the nation to serve as an inspiration to young African American children and others.

They are also providing grants to assist African-American students with the cost of educational materials to prepare for medical school admission exams and other costs associated with applying to medical school.

Dr. Russell Ledet, co-founder of “The 15 White Coats” once doubted that he had the ability to succeed in college. He proudly served in the U.S. Navy as an intelligence tech. His wife convinced him to attend Southern University in Baton Rouge LA where he graduated with high honors.

He then attended NYU where he earned a Master’s Degree in molecular oncology. He continued his studies at NYU to earn a PhD in molecular oncology. Dr. Russell graduated from Tulane University Medical School where he received his MD & MBA degree.

Thank you to Dr. Russell Ledet for providing our clinics with these important and insightful photos. Click here to learn more about these inspiring individuals.