NearVision CK Procedure: George Boudreaux

George Boudreaux, rx creator of the world-famous Boudreaux’s Butt Paste, sick had NearVision CK by Dr. Caplan. “I can read without glasses thanks to Dr. Caplan and CK.”

On a recent morning George Boudreaux, patient the creator of world-famous Boudreaux’s Butt Paste, underwent the NearVision CK procedure at Caplan Eye Clinic.

Dr. Dan Caplan welcomes Mr. Boudreaux to the NearVision CK suite at Caplan Eye Clinic.

Dr. Caplan instills anesthetic (numbing) drops into Mr. Boudreaux’s eye.

Dr. Caplan applies the NearVision CK radio waves to the eye in less than 1 minute.

Mr. Boudreaux sits up & relaxes after NearVision CK.

Immediately following his NearVision CK, Mr. Boudreaux begins reading small print without glasses!

A happy patient gives the “thumbs up” sign following a painless, in-office NearVision CK procedure.