LASIK Procedure: Bob Del Giorno

See Bob Del Giorno’s LASIK Procedure performed by Dr. Caplan.

Bob at the Caplan Eye Clinic having his LASIK measurements performed the week before his LASIK. Dr. Caplan personally does the measurements to insure accuracy, unlike some LASIK Centers where technicians perform all measurements and pre-LASIK testing.

Dr. Caplan examines Bob’s eyes on the special eye microscope, screening for any eye disorders.

lasik new orleansDr. Caplan and Bob chatting just prior to starting the LASIK.

Dr. Caplan calibrates and tests VISX Laser as Denise instills anesthetic eye drops into Bob’s eyes. Within seconds, his eyes are numbed.

New Orleans LASIK doctorDr. Caplan begins the LASIK on the first eye. Actual laser time is less than a minute.

With the first eye successfully completed, Dr. Caplan performs the LASIK on Bob’s second eye.

Within minutes, LASIK procedures on both eyes are successfully completed. Bob sits up to see the clock on the wall without glasses or contacts!

Just 15 minutes after the LASIK procedures are completed, Bob is ready to leave and go home to enjoy his new vision.