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Since the Caplan Eye Clinic was founded in 1938 by the late Dr. Harry B. Caplan, we have established a tradition of providing high quality eye care in a caring atmosphere. We are a “total” eye center offering adult and pediatric eye care. Our staff of Ophthalmologists and Optometrists diagnose and treat a variety of eye conditions and disorders, including Cataracts, Glaucoma, Diabetic Retinopathy, and diseases of the Cornea, Retina and Eyelids.  We also fit contact lenses and perform medical eye examinations. Our specialties include: Custom Laser Vision Correction, and Cataract Surgery with Lifestyle Lens Implants.

Caplan Eye Doctors May 2023

As Seen on TV

Office Based Cataract Surgery Suite on WWL-TV

Meg Farris, longtime Medical Reporter at WWL-TV CBS affiliate, visited Caplan Eye Clinic’s Office Based Cataract Surgery Suite – 1st in Louisiana.

Meg followed our patient, Rick O’Krepki, from his arrival, the actual cataract procedure and his post op – all in a little more than an hour. Among the highlights were benefits to patients over traditional outpatient surgery centers including cost savings, no IV or needles, no fasting and a more pleasant patient experience.

Visit the link below to view the story and wonderful video by Meg Farris and WWL-TV crew.

Office Based Cataract Surgery Suite as seen on WWL-TV

Office Based Cataract Surgery Suite
The First in Louisiana

Our brand new, state of the art cataract surgery suite is the first of its kind in the State of Louisiana. Caplan Eye Clinic brings this new VIP experience to all of our cataract surgery patients.

Our Office Based Cataract Surgery Suite is equipped with newest cataract surgery technology.

Office Based Cataract Surgery removes the hassle of having to visit an outpatient surgery center for cataract removal.

The benefits of in office surgery include:

  • No IV anesthesia, no needles!
  • No fasting required
  • No need for medical clearance; no unnecessary visits to your Primary Care Physican.
  • Same day post op, no need to come back the following day for post op care.

All surgeries will be performed at our convenient Metairie location. Caplan Eye Clinic provides a superior experience with a familiar environment and staff.

For more information on our Surgery Suite, please give us a call at 504-888-2600!



The Caplan Eye Clinic supports “The 15 White Coats”

15 coats“The 15 White Coats” is a group of 15 Tulane University medical students who created a series of photos of themselves in front of a slave cabin at the Whitney Plantation near New Orleans. These photos went viral and became an international phenomenon. “The 15 White Coats” organization was established by these medical students to affect positive change in the U.S.

They have since been guests on numerous national TV shows.

One of their goals is to place these photos in schools across the nation to serve as an inspiration to young African American children and others.

They are also providing grants to assist African-American students with the cost of educational materials to prepare for medical school admission exams and other costs associated with applying to medical school.

Dr. Russell Ledet, co-founder of “The 15 White Coats” once doubted that he had the ability to succeed in college. He proudly served in the U.S. Navy as an intelligence tech. His wife convinced him to attend Southern University in Baton Rouge LA where he graduated with high honors.

He then attended NYU where he earned a Master’s Degree in molecular oncology. He continued his studies at NYU to earn a PhD in molecular oncology. Dr. Russell graduated from Tulane University Medical School where he received his MD & MBA degree.

Thank you to Dr. Russell Ledet for providing our clinics with these important and insightful photos. Click here to learn more about these inspiring individuals.

Eric Paulsen

WWL-TV News Anchor

“Whenever I have eye Problems, which is often, I call Dr. Dan Caplan. I only trust my eyes to Caplan Eye Clinic.”

“Big Chief” Alfred Doucette

New Orleans cataract surgery

Mardi Gras Just Got A Whole Lot Easier Thanks to Dr. Dan Caplan.

“Prior to having cataract surgery, I could no longer see the detail required to sew my Mardi Gras Indian suits. After Dr. Caplan did my cataract procedure, I can now see close up detail and more brilliant color which allowed me to get back to creating my costumes.”

“Big Chief” Alfred Doucette

Click here to see more of the Big Chief >

Barry Breaux: Owner of Breaux Mart

breauxmart “Dr. Brendon Sumich did my cataract surgery and I see wonderful now! I would recommend Caplan Eye Clinic and Dr. Sumich to everyone.”

Larry Katz: Owner of Dots Diner & Community Leader

New Orleans LASIK patient. “With my busy schedule & lifestyle, LASIK gave me freedom from glasses. My vision is great and I love not wearing glasses” .

Metairie LASIK technologies Dots Diners, “I’m not your Mama but you’re always at home at Dots Diner.”

Seeing Clearly with Custom Wavefront LASIK!

New Orleans LASIK

Dr. Jarret Brashear and wife Meghan

Meghan Brashear: “I knew that I was getting married soon and I wanted to have LASIK so I could walk down the aisle without worrying about glasses or contact lenses. As a surgical resident, Jarret wanted to be able to do surgery without the hassle of contact lenses or glasses. He also loves the outdoors; so he can now also enjoy fishing and hunting without the bother of dealing with contact lenses.”

The Late George Rodrigue (1944-2013), Blue Dog Artist

George Rodrigue, renowned “Blue Dog” artist, visited us at Caplan Eye Clinic… and even sketched a Blue Dog for us! Thank you, George. Another example of the amazing talent in this great city.